Thursday, July 01, 2004

Managers and investors disagree on primary risks

Executives at Global 1000 companies and investment professionals at the world's leading investment firms hold starkly opposite views on the primary threats to companies' top revenue sources, according to the 2004 Protecting Value Study.
Among the primary findings:
- More than two-thirds (69 percent) of CFOs, treasurers and risk managers at Global 1000 companies in North America and Europe view property-related hazards, including fires, explosions, and supply chain disruptions, as the leading threats to top revenue sources.
- In sharp contrast, most investment professionals (79 percent) say non-property-related hazards, including pricing fluctuations, governmental/regulatory hazards and management/employee malfeasance, pose the greater threat.
- Most CFOs, treasurers and risk managers (80 percent) rate their companies' ability to protect top revenue sources as "excellent" or "good," while nearly one-half of investment professionals (49 percent) rate companies' abilities as "fair" or "poor."
Download a Summary of the 2004 Protecting Value Study.